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1979. 06Establishment of Changhung Telecommunication Construction Inc.
1989. 05
Changed company name to Changhung Telecommunication Inc.
1997. 04
Registration of General Construction Business 
(Civil Engineering / Architecture Construction) (Sangji Construction)
1998. 02
Launched luxury villa brand Ritzvil (Sangji Construction)


2000. 02Changed company name to Changhung Information Telecommunication Inc.
2000. 10
2002. 01
Launched luxury villa brand Caelum (Sangji Construction)
2002. 09
Registration of Electrical Construction Business
2002. 10
Registration of Fire-Fighting Facility Construction Business
2003. 03
Changed company name to Dongmun Information Telecommunication Inc.
2003. 11
Registration of Housing Construction Business
2005. 05
Changed company name to Leneco Inc.
2008. 03
Registration of Real Estate Development Business (Sangji Construction)


2017. 08
Changed company name to Forwardcompanies Inc.
2017. 10
Acquisition of Sangji Construction Inc.
2017. 12
M&A with Sangji Construction Inc. and Changed company name to Sangji Caelum Inc.

*Above lists include important milestones only 

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