Performance Summary

Performance Summary

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Detached House
Yangpyung Y-Project Detached House
Bundang Hasanun-Dong Detached House

F3, B1
F2, B1

Multi-unit House
(Villa, Apt)
Dogok-dong Sangji Caelum
Samsung-dong Sangji Ritzvil Caelum
Daechi-dong Sangji Ritzvil Caelum
Jangchung-dong Sangji Ritzvil Caelum
Jamwon-dong Sangji Ritzvil Caelum
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil Caelum 3rd
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil Caelum 2nd
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil Caelum 1st

F7, B4 (23units)
F15, B2 (13units)
F17, B3 (15units)
F7, B2 (19units)
F15, B2 (14units)
F20, B5 (27units)
F16, B5 (15units)
F13, B2 (17units)

Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 10th
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 9th
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 8th
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 7th
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 6th
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 5th (C)
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 5th (A, B)
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 4th
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 3rd
Cheongdam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 2nd

F7, B2 (17units)
F6, B2 (12units)
F5, B1 (18units)
F5, B1 (10units)
F7, B2 (19units)
F9, B2 (19units)
F10, B2 (33units)
F8, B1 (38units)
F4, B2 (16units)
F4, B1 (8units)

Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 8th
Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 7th
Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 6th
Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 5th
Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 4th
Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 3rd
Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 2nd
Bangbae-dong Sangji Ritzvil 1st

F6, B2 (11units)
F6, B1 (18units)
F6, B1 (10units)
F6, B2 (17units)
F6, B1 (24units)
F6, B2 (17units)
F9, B2 (16units)
F5, B1 (10units)

Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 10th
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 8th
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 7th
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 6th
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 5th
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 4th
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 3rd
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 2nd
Seocho-dong Sangji Ritzvil 1st
Nonhyeon-dong Sangji Ritzvil
Gaepo-dong Sangji Ritzvil
Yeoksam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 1st
Yeoksam-dong Sangji Ritzvil 2nd
Banpo-dong Sangji Ritzvil 1st
Banpo-dong Sangji Ritzvil 2nd

F7, B2 (19units)
F6, B1 (18units)
F7, B1 (14units)
F7, B2 (14units)
F7, B1 (12units)
F6, B1 (17units)
F6, B1 (18units)
F7, B2 (36units)
F12, B2 (19units)
F4, B1 (32units)
F7, B1 (16units)
F15, B1 (28units)
F7, B1 (19units)
F8, B1 (37units)
F7, B2 (14units)

Seohyun-dong Hyundai Ritzvil
Hannam-dong UN Village Multi-unit House
Cheongdam Riverside Ritzvil
Cheongdam-dong Samsung Villa
Cheongdam-dong Daewoo Ritz County
Cheongdam-dong Hyundai Ville
Chuncheon Bongui-dong Villa
Chuncheon Hupyung-dong Villa
Poi-dong Hyundai Top Villa
Bangbae-dong Sangji Villa
Samsung Hyundai Park Villa
Banpo-dong Hyundai Villa
Yeonhui-dong Foreigner Villa
Seocho-dong Hyundai Ville
Poi-dong Hyundai Ville
Banpo Hyundai Villa
Dongbinggo-dong Hyundai Villa
Eumsung Keumwang Apartment
Yongin Bojung-dong Lucid Avenue
Hannam-dong Multi-unit House(HUSUNJAE)
Hannam-dong Lucid House

Gapyeong Edelweiss
Hwasung Bongdam Donghwa-ri Multi-unit House
Cheonan Chaeumchae 1, 2, 5 Block Row House
Seongsan-dong Urban Type House

F14, B2 (44units)
F4, B2 (8units)
F13, B1 (12units)
F4, B1 (16units)
F7, B2 (19units)
F8, B1 (16units)
F7, B1 (19units)
F3, B1 (18units)
F8, B1 (19units)
F4, B1 (8units)
F4, B1 (8units)
F8, B1 (16units)
F3, B1 (6units)
F12, B1 (11units)
F8, B1 (14units)
F4, B1 (32units)
F4, B1 (8units)
F15, B1 (491units)
F2, B1 (73units)
F5, B1
F3, B3 (15units)

Detached 29units & 3 Bldgs.

Luxury villa listed aboved are only parts of our main achievements. 
Please refer to the attached file(in Korean) for the entire list of our architecture achievements.

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